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Welcome to Willpath Metaphysical

Here at Willpath we offer Reiki , (Koymo Reiki Kai) Marriage Officiating, Coaching and Counseling Services from the Metaphysical perspective in Prince George British Columbia, as well as Online.

Willpath Metaphysical is welcoming to everyone from all spiritual paths and also those without. We decided to start Willpath Metaphysical in Prince George, BC, in early 2016. Our aim is to have a safe space for everyone to learn, grow and heal spiritually.

Willpath is not as much about religion, as it is about spirituality and helping everyone find their own path. We have a strong belief in maintaining a non-dogmatic structure that is inline with Metaphysics and able to provide for anyone who has an open mind and acceptance of others.


For more information about Our Reiki (Energy healing), coaching & counseling services that are offered in Prince George BC, click the services link above.


If you are in search of information about Metaphysics, The Occult, Spirituality and further illumination please visit our Resources section where you will find articles related to various topics.

Weekly Meditations

Held Monday’s at 6:00pm
by Rev. Michael Efford B. Msc, with a long history of practical study in Metaphysics and occult Sciences. Metaphysical Practitioner and Okuden of Komyo Reik Kai. (Reiki Master)

“Source is the same, regardless of the name. May we all find common ground in the name of love & laughter.” ~Rev. Efford

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Following A Path Of Truth

The belief systems of Metaphysics are built from passionate endeavors to find out why we are here, and what our true purpose is. A person could be considered metaphysical if his or her focus is on a path of truth that can be subjective, seeking out the true nature of Being, that is in unity with the highest power of love and truth, regardless of the name or names used.

Metaphysics comes from two words in Ancient Greece, a combination of Meta, which means over or beyond, and Physics, meaning the material world. This refers to concerns that transcend the material world. In the common way of speaking, such questions are considered religious, spiritual, or sometimes philosophical.