Rev. Efford. Minister Of Metaphysics & Reiki Master In Prince George BC.

Rev, Michael Efford

Rev. Michael Efford

Rev. Efford is a Minister of Metaphysics, based on new thought theology. He is a Reiki Master and operator of Willpath Metaphysical in Prince George, British Columbia, Canada. He offers services as a Metaphysical practitioner, Spiritual  Coach/Counselor.

His belief in God does not mean that he does not believe in any other gods. Rev. Efford sees the Gods as specific aspects of God (everything, the universe, the essence of creation and inspiration).
God as the universe, which is a projection of our thoughts that shape our realities.

Unlike many other ministers you hear of, he started down his spiritual path by learning how meditation could help his focus. This then lead his curious 7-year-old mind to parapsychology, witchcraft and beyond. He can still remember as a child, thinking about the thrill of magic. The excitement that formed within him for the chance to gain forbidden knowledge and abilities, was comparable to a child in a candy store. It was one more thing that he was told he could not have and should not talk about. Which, of course, made him want to understand it more.

Over the years Rev. Efford studied on and off, picking things up as he went and learning from whomever was willing to teach, and whatever resources that he could find. This knowledge mostly consisted of concepts of energy manipulation, meditations and healing such as Reiki. The search, and habit of eavesdropping on other peoples conversations, eventually lead him to a teacher who practiced a Solitary, eclectic form of Dianic Wicca. Throughout the years of this distant friendship most of his questions were answered to the best of her ability. As grateful as he was for all he was taught, it all just seemed to lead to more questions.

Just before Rev. Efford’s 19th birthday he had a sense deep within that it was time for him to leave the small city he called home and to find his own way. He headed south to a slightly familiar city only 5 hours away from home. As life moved on forward, so did his interest in spirituality. During a troubling time, he reached out for guidance and found an eclectic green haired witch who showed him the power of song. She helped him back to the light, by sharing her knowledge, as they sang under the stars with the Gods and Goddesses.

Over the years Rev. Efford continued his solitary practice and occasional group work, joining open circles whenever he could. By 22, he had already jumped into what many people call “the rabbit hole” and was splashing around in a sea of endless information. He started to research more about ceremonial magic and the works of Frater Perdurabo.  Rev. Efford had seen beauty and understanding in his writings, where many others did not. He was told by many that he had a gift for seeing the messages past the metaphors.

As Rev. Efford continued his studies and moved forward in his life, he came to a strong realization of the connectivity in the world and how the most basic aspects of love and forgiveness are essential pieces to happiness and positive growth. He learned how important the small things are and how many things are the same, just described differently or using another method to invoke the same mindset. All of his studying eventually brought him back to the Christian bible that he ran from as a child. This time reading it, he noticed many of the same teachings hidden in plain sight amongst what he calls the garbage of a once barbaric and spiritually controlled past.

We fast forward to now. As Rev. Efford continued along his spiritual path. He found himself wanting to create a place where he could teach others what he had learned and share that knowledge of spirituality & metaphysics. Teaching about the power of will and the beautiful connection we have to nature and the god/s. How everyone has the ability to change their lives into what they want.

After much research and words of encouragement from his circles he decided to start working towards becoming a spiritual minister. His primary focus over the last 3 years has been ministerial counseling, Reiki, and solitary practice.

Now ordained and registered with vital statistics to preform weddings and other ceremonies as a Minister of Metaphysics in British Columbia, Canada. Rev. Efford is focusing on the operations and future development of Willpath Metaphysical and integrating himself into his new community in Prince George, BC.

“I don’t claim to have all the answers but I am always willing to give my own personal insights and be a sounding board for others, with theirs.”
~ Rev. Efford