Willpath Q&A

  • What is Willpath? (beliefs & Principles)

Willpath Metaphysical is about sharing knowledge of Metaphysics and all that it encompasses. Our mission is to help every person connect to source within themselves. To help aid in bringing people to happiness and health. We are welcoming to all that come with an open mind and open heart, willing to accept others for who they are.

Willpath is not as much about religion as it is about spirituality and helping everyone find their way. This is why we offer different workshops and training in many paths of the metaphysical. We have a strong belief in maintaining a non-dogmatic structure that is able to provide for anyone in search.

  • What is Metaphysics? (philosophy and religion)

Metaphysics originally stems, like many things in philosophy, from ancient Greece. Using the combination of the word “meta”, meaning over and beyond, and the word physics. In most Universities Metaphysics is taught as a speculative philosophy.

Metaphysics covers so much more now and includes many areas of study. Metaphysics includes aspects of philosophy, religion, and parapsychology, all levels of spirituality including aspects of yoga, astrology, and mediation. Metaphysics is a word used to describe all things beyond that of the physical.

Metaphysics as a religion, is based on new-thought theology and consists of various beliefs unified under the connectivity of all. At Willpath Metaphysical we teach people to find their connection with source, god/s within themselves. We show and help people realize that their thoughts and the view they allow themselves to have on their world, is part of the very thing that shapes their world. We believe that we are all connected through source and it communicates to us through inspiration, creative insights, feelings and thoughts.


  • Is Willpath Christian?

A Christian is describe by Webster as “One who professes belief in the teachings of Jesus Christ.” By this definition, yes we are; however, by the same logic, we are also Pagan or Neo-Pagan. “A follower of a polytheistic religion (as in ancient Rome)”


  • What are your views on LGBTQ?

Willpath Metaphysical is accepting to all, regardless of their sexuality or personal identifiers. We encourage all to express themselves as they see fit.


  • What are your views on Drugs?


We feel that the world is over-medicated. More specifically, the Western world. This is not to say that some medications are not needed. But that we put too many resources into patching problems instead of fixing them or dealing with the cause.


As a spiritual organization we often get asked our views on recreational drugs, such as Cannabis and other psychotropic compounds. In regards to Cannabis, we are aware of its medical & spiritual properties, as well as its propaganda. We do not encourage over use, but do support the personal and responsible use of all plants and medicines provided by the earth.


  • What are your views on pre-marital sex?:

Willpath Metaphysical doesn’t not shame sexuality or the healthy exploration of our bodies.


  • What do you offer?

Community & insights from a metaphysical perspective. Ceremony Officiating, Spiritual Counseling and Coaching. We also offer courses and workshops that teach happiness and prosperity, which is meant to encompass all aspects of your life and help you take control of your future.


  • Is New Thought a Pagan theology?

No, to many people New-Thought is not a Pagan theology, although Rev. Efford still considers himself to be Pagan. New-Thought theology teaches the lessons of Jesus without dogma or threats of persecution from an adversary, it speaks of the messages of love, compassion, charity and unity. Within this unity is how Rev. Efford came to understand the god/s of New-Thought to be a metaphor for the universe. The source of where we all come from, Nature if you will. Within this concept, it is very Pagan and nature-based to him.