Metaphysical Meets In Prince George



Willpath Metaphysical Meets 

Mondays at 6:00 pm Prince George, BC

Weekly guided meditation and discussion of all things Metaphysical. Lead by Rev. Michael Efford


We welcome all who can be welcoming and respectful of others.


6:30 pm Guided group meditation starts.

7:00 We do a discussion and speak of any experiences during the meditation.

7:30 Discussions on Metaphysics.


Guided meditation to help relax, energize and open your Chakras. Discussion topics vary each week and often stem from subjects picked at the previous meeting.

Examples of past topics and teachings:
Connecting with source, Reiki training, tarot, hypnosis, spirit work, shadow work, channeling, astral projection, astrology, manifesting happiness, love, compassion and weight loss.

Non-dogmatic discussions, meaning we do not tell you what to think. We have open discussions about spirituality and aspects of source. These discussions include aspects of monotheistic faiths and polytheistic faiths.


For more information  please call or email us